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Talk Radio Meltdown is a free podcast and uncensored internet talk radio show from Boston, Massachusetts. Jack, Kate, Mike, and Big Red cover the latest buzz in pop culture and outlandish news stories. New episodes are released weekly, covering the topics that other radio shows aren’t discussing, while avoiding the serious stories that you are probably sick of hearing about. We invite you to listen; we hope you enjoy.

Episode 334: Fillers Meets Abby

  • Abby is our go-to for Muslim questions
  • Shower farts are oddly pleasing
  • Fillers vs. Abby
  • We’ve all admitted weird shit to our mothers
  • Abby gets really angry about missing Super Secret Skyrim Show, Pt. 2
  • American Horror Story is still pretty good
  • Star Trek: Discovery has a new cast and one less showrunner
  • Doug Jones is an ugly motherfucker

  • Bands you should know: The Wombats and Florence + The Machine
  • One of Fillers’ many bands broke up
  • Recapping the 2016 Game Awards
  • Your name isn’t your own in college
  • LifeLock: Security for Old People
  • Egotistical dating websites
  • Abby keeps giving Jack his phone so odd videos can be played on air

Episode 333: Jokes

  • The long-awaited return of Nate Fillers!
  • The Rolling List of “Holy Shit” expands: Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro and Ron Glass
  • Jack makes Red’s wedding planning an awkward affair
  • Recapping all the malarkey you might have missed in Episode 332
  • Jack doesn’t know what a Squatty Potty is
  • Never question Fro’s fecal pride
  • Nate plugs his Sbassbear “TL;DR” YouTube channel
  • Alanis Morissette had that song about that thing
  • Jack had to endure Kate watching the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix
  • Fro, forever our scribe

  • Black Friday shopping: never again.
  • Nate has a whole collection of jokes for his future standup routine
  • Although it came out a while ago, buy Rare Replay for Xbox One!
  • Douchebag celebrity encounters at conventions
  • One of Jack’s (several) favorite UK bands broke up, maybe, who knows
  • The de-evolution of blink-182’s Tom DeLonge

Episode 332: How to Clean Your Butt

  • Our Facebook question of the week: Would you share a set of nail clippers with someone else?
  • Kate reveals something hilarious about Jack’s shower habits
  • AOL voice guy Elwood Edwards is now an Uber driver
  • Don’t watch MTV’s Daria on Hulu
  • This is Us is a very good show and you should watch it, Mike
  • Several questions with “Miley Cyrus”

  • Metallica is back with a phenomenal album
  • The return of the sex noise
  • Joe Biden is now a fantastic meme
  • lol the election
  • 4chan breaks down Big Smoke’s food order from GTA: San Andreas