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Episode 359: Pay-to-Whine

  • Philan-Fro-pist: Fro has a new business venture, guaranteed to either make him thousands and/or put him in jail
  • An Interview, kind of: “Deep voice guy” Aadam Clegg is promoting his band’s show – Chase the Past, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA – November 25th, 2017
  • This Week In…: RIP AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, and Stone Temple Pilots introduce their new frontman
  • Pay-to-Whine: Lootboxes and micro-transactions are ruining video games, while classics, rehashes and Skyrim re-releases thrive

Episode 358: We Care a Lot

  • The Red Wedding: Recapping the marriage and honeymoon of Big “James Park II” Red
  • Toot-toot: Kansas City detective bails on interrogation after suspect keeps farting
  • This Week In…: A Perfect Circle’s “no photo” policy at shows causing controversy, Rian Johnson gets a new Star Wars trilogy for himself, and RIP to a well-known musician
  • Bad Timing: Boston radio host Mike Felger under fire due to his comments about Roy Halladay’s death
  • How Fucking Dumb Are You? Florida woman attempts to swap barcodes on Walmart merchandise, fails miserably

Episode 357: Laugh Track

  • My Mother the Car: Jack and Fro play audio from a 1960s show considered to be one of the worst television programs ever made
  • This Week In…: The CBS-Entercom merger causes a big shuffle in Boston radio, Danny Tramp’s Twitter account was briefly deactivated by an outgoing employee with brass balls, and the greatest bands are all going on tour together next year
  • Kevin Spacey Fiasco: In the growing list of Hollywood dirtbags, Kevin Spacey loses everything and then some
  • TRM Free-for-All: Jack and Fro discuss vidya games, including everything happening at BlizzCon 2017

Episode 356: Hair/Ass

  • Sexual Harassment-a-palooza ’17: George H.W. Bush accused of sexual assault because he’s confined to a wheelchair
  • This Week In…: Stranger Things 2, #OneChipChallenge fails during a morning newscast, and Fred Toucher goes on an explosive rant about Twitter
  • Mister Presidumb: 45 himself, Danny Tramp, reminds the media that he is “very intelligent”
  • Nerdgasm: Resident wasteland wanderer Mike Tarara advises Jack on how to properly play Survival mode in Fallout 4