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Talk Radio Meltdown is a free podcast and uncensored internet talk radio show from Boston, Massachusetts. Jack, Fro, Kate, Mike, and Big Red cover the latest buzz in pop culture and outlandish news stories. New episodes are released weekly, covering the topics that other radio shows aren’t discussing, while avoiding the serious stories that you are probably sick of hearing about. We invite you to listen; we hope you enjoy.

Episode 342: Man-Eating Jackrabbits and Killer Cacti

  • The band Editors, aka the poor man’s Interpol
  • Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: Battle for the crappy plastic instruments
  • The best kids show theme songs

  • The stuttering “Have you ever had a dream” kid
  • Keith Partidge has dementia
  • The disaster that was the 2017 Grammy’s
  • Some idiot thought a Walking Dead Negan/Lucille shirt was “racist”
  • Good Guy Eminem can joke about himself

  • Jack just recently watched the masterpiece that is Cowboy Bebop
  • Danny Tramp vs. BBC
  • Comedians stealing jokes from other comedians
  • PewDiePie is apparently a Nazi

Episode 341: Bring Your Child to Work Day

  • PUPPY (and Kate.)
  • Kate finally reviews Resident Evil 7, and the PS VR version is terrifying
  • Tricks for getting around pronouncing difficult names
  • Portlandia is coming to an end, for better or for worse
  • Red is still upset about the AMC Theaters app not working
  • The 2017 Grammy’s are upon us
  • Some massive sporting event happened and everyone loves New England for some reason

  • Marvel announces filming of Infinity War has commenced
  • Songs to listen to when you hate everything
  • “All Star” mashups are now officially the best things on the internet
  • Donald Trump has the diet of a 4-year old
  • Sean Spicer don’t talk so good
  • SNL’s rating renaissance

Episode 340: meow-182

  • Big radio news: Entercom purchases CBS Radio
  • Following his lavish work-trip to California, Jack has an unhealthy obsession with In-n-Out Burger
  • 2017 just started and we already lost some great celebrities
  • Ben Affleck drops out of directing “The Batman,” amid other failures

  • Big Red has a big birthday
  • Red vs. AMC Theaters
  • M. Night Shamalamadingdong made a movie that doesn’t suck
  • Will Smith wants to disown his spawn, Jaden
  • Gauging the new Nickelback song, on a scale from Bad to Nickelback
  • Of course, someone made a Smash Mouth/Nickelback mashup
  • Danny Tramp vs. Arnie Schwarzenheimer vs. Robert de Niro
  • SNL’s Pete Davidson and 9/11 humors
  • Real estate guy shits all over Patton Oswalt’s dead wife using his professional Twitter account, immediately loses job
  • South Park plans to avoid Trump jokes for the next season
  • Red is cheating on TRM by listening to a new podcast

  • Tom DeLonge is making a movie about UFOs and skateboarders
  • Jack and Mike sing meow-182’s greatest hits
  • Mike distracts Red with cat videos, causing his ADD to spiral out of control
  • Jack was introduced to a poutine place in Los Angeles that delivers until 4am