Episode 272

  • Making his annual appearance on the show – former Fro-host, Chris Froment!
  • “Rode”-testing the new Rode Procaster microphones
  • Jack wants a vasectomy
  • Years later, Fro is still a jerk to people
  • Going nuts over the Star Wars and Batman v Superman trailers
  • Dennis Quaid’s fake freakout
  • WTF is a Freemason?

  • Converse Rubber Tracks concert series in Boston
  • New Rock Band and Guitar Hero games were announced
  • ESPN’s Britt McHenry has a meltdown (and is also a bitch)
  • Talk Radio Meltdown custom-brewed beer – let’s do it!

fro 2015

Episode 271

  • Bruce Lee Jr., last heard during Episode 186, joins us
  • The Boston Marathon is approaching
  • Jack and Bruce share similar musical tastes (to Red’s chagrin)
  • Man commits suicide at a Vegas buffet

  • The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev verdict
  • Life in a Supermax prison
  • Iowa police involved over stolen dog shit
  • Bruce hears the “Drunk Red” audio for the first time
  • Vermin Supreme – vote for him!

  • April Fools with Bob Barker!
  • Easter Egg Hunt porn
  • Bruce shows off “Pudding Farts”

Episode 270

Jack’s current/Red’s former boss Veronica is co-hosting this episode. We didn’t really take any show notes but lots of stuff was discussed – enjoy!