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Episode 353: The World Ends with You

  • Celebrity Deaths – RIP Charles Bradley, a soul singer with a terrific voice
  • Pen15 – Angry mother finds a penis hidden in an episode of Netflix’s “Maya the Bee”
  • This Week In… – Linda Hamilton returns to the Terminator franchise, and Linkin Park’s upcoming concert honoring Chester Bennington’s memory
  • The End is Nigh – The world supposedly ends today (September 23) and the Emergency Alert System gave California residents the heads up
  • How Fucking Dumb Are You? A Texas woman flips her lid over Hobby Lobby selling fake cotton stalks, claiming racism

Episode 352: Boobs

  • Clay Travis from FOX Sports proclaims his two beliefs on CNN: The First Amendment, and boobs
  • This Week In, mourning the deaths of three entertainers, dissecting Apple’s newest devices, nerding out over Star Wars Episode IX’s new director, and wondering why the “Cash Me Outside” girl even exists
  • Nerdgasm, a new segment dedicated to geeky personal interests, featuring Kate and her love of anime

Episode 351: Irma Gerd, It’s a Reboot!

  • Reboot – An explanation behind Talk Radio Meltdown’s hiatus and new format
  • “TRM Hurricane Update” – Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida, plus “Rick and Morty” creator Justin Roiland pranks calls the Joel Osteen prayer line
  • “Ask a Dad,” featuring parenting advice from new dad Mike Tarara
  • “This Week In,” celebrating the anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, the release of Destiny 2, and new music from U2 and St. Vincent
  • “What Would You Do?” A woman caught her mechanic joy-riding in her limited edition Camaro, causing her taped confrontation to go viral