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Episode 355: Hey Man, Nice Sauce

  • Red’s Bachelor Party: Big Red is getting married, and he kind of remembers what happened at his bachelor party
  • The Las Vegas Massacre: Discussing the shootings in Las Vegas and the messed up mind of Stephen Paddock
  • This Week In…: Remembering Tom Petty and AOL Instant Messenger
  • The Schwifty Szechuan Sauce Power Hour: Recapping the second half of season 3 of “Rick and Morty,” plus the Great McDonald’s Szechaun Sauce Debacle of 2017

Episode 354: Straight to Hell

  • Dead People: RIP Hugh Hefner and David Henneberry (aka the guy who found one of the Boston Marathon bombers hiding in his boat)
  • The People vs. Donald Trump: Pretty much everyone is displeased with the response to the Puerto Rico crisis by 45 himself, President Ronald Thump
  • This Week In…: Recapping the fall television premiers, figuring out what’s going through Megyn Kelly’s mind, and nerding out over the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2
  • It Was a Ruff Flight” (Thanks for the dad joke, NY Post): Crazy woman is dragged off a flight, claiming a “life-threatening” allergy to two dogs on-board

Episode 353: The World Ends with You

  • Celebrity Deaths – RIP Charles Bradley, a soul singer with a terrific voice
  • Pen15 – Angry mother finds a penis hidden in an episode of Netflix’s “Maya the Bee”
  • This Week In… – Linda Hamilton returns to the Terminator franchise, and Linkin Park’s upcoming concert honoring Chester Bennington’s memory
  • The End is Nigh – The world supposedly ends today (September 23) and the Emergency Alert System gave California residents the heads up
  • How Fucking Dumb Are You? A Texas woman flips her lid over Hobby Lobby selling fake cotton stalks, claiming racism