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Talk Radio Meltdown is a free podcast and uncensored internet talk radio show from Boston, Massachusetts. Jack, Fro, Kate, Mike, and Big Red cover the latest buzz in pop culture and outlandish news stories. New episodes are released weekly, covering the topics that other radio shows aren’t discussing, while avoiding the serious stories that you are probably sick of hearing about. We invite you to listen; we hope you enjoy.

Episode 348: Game. Blouses.

  • Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Home
  • United Airlines’ PR nightmare (or, the saga of Dr. David Dao)
  • Pepsi and Sean Spicer managed to piss off a lot of people, for their own respective reasons
  • RIP J. Geils and Charlie Murphy

  • Aaron Hernandez found not guilty of killing only *some* people
  • Angry customer visitor posts on Walmart’s Facebook page, as read by Christopher Walken, Miley Cyrus, and other celebrity friends of the show

  • Josh Brolin is playing Cable in Deadpool 2
  • ESP Guitars delivers a classy “fuck you” to Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda
  • Two-year-old video of white guy nailing “Smoke Weed Every Day” line recently went viral again

Episode 347: Szechuan Sauce

  • Bipolar New England weather hindered previous attempts at recording this episode
  • Someone on this show is going to be a dad (or, the worst-kept secret on Talk Radio Meltdown)
  • Ghost in the Shell is getting polarizing reviews
  • Jack highly recommends watching the new season of Samurai Jack
  • The age of cartoon revivals: Invader Zim is returning in movie-form
  • Adult Swim’s 2017 April Fools Day prank: Premiering Season 3 of RICKANDMORTYRICKANDMORTYRICKANDMORTY

  • Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley died 15 years ago
  • Body farms are a thing
  • Remembering Rob Riggle Don Rickles
  • The best shows on TV now have super-short seasons
  • Pay-to-win video games
  • Road Rash: The game where running over cows was the ultimate goal

  • End-of-show news blitz:
    • Bon Jovi thinks his voice sucks, ends show early
    • Steve Perry reunites with Journey
    • Some guy sued Dunkin’ Donuts over a buttered bagel
    • One guy in the UK paid to see Shia LaBeouf’s new film in the theater

Money Shots: 2015 – 2016

Remember these moments from the past couple of years? Neither do we!


  • Kate vs. Red vs. Pokemon Snap
  • The problems with procreation and social media
  • The Beauty and the Beast debate
  • Building a wall around Cuba


  • Fro proposes to Jack at Chik-fil-A
  • Speaking with an upper inflection
  • Kate is an Asian porn star
  • Kate describes her favorite shower ritual of Jack’s in detail
  • Miley Cyrus joins the show
  • Kate details “the black blood”
  • Christopher Walken does impersonations for the show