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Episode 361: The Super Secret Star Wars Show

  • #GetExcite! Hyping up and theorizing Star Wars: The Last Jedi with fellow geek Andrew Martini
  • Life Day: Red saw the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time
  • Watch This: Rian Johnson’s power as a writer and director
  • A Star Wars Signature: The importance of wipe transitions

Episode Xbox 360: Come On, Get Horny!

  • Xbox One X S One: Microsoft seems to be offloading their Xbox One S stock in favor of the Xbox One X
  • Television for Bitches: Jack and Mike know the pain of sitting through episodes of “Four Weddings”
  • Sex, Wheels, and… Babies: Washington couple busted for having sex while driving, with an infant in the backseat
  • How Fucking Dumb Are You? Arkansas couple names their daughter after the Olive Garden
  • This Week In…: RIP David Cassidy, and Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is good, nostalgic fun

Episode 359: Pay-to-Whine

  • Philan-Fro-pist: Fro has a new business venture, guaranteed to either make him thousands and/or put him in jail
  • An Interview, kind of: “Deep voice guy” Aadam Clegg is promoting his band’s show – Chase the Past, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA – November 25th, 2017
  • This Week In…: RIP AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, and Stone Temple Pilots introduce their new frontman
  • Pay-to-Whine: Lootboxes and micro-transactions are ruining video games, while classics, rehashes and Skyrim re-releases thrive

Episode 358: We Care a Lot

  • The Red Wedding: Recapping the marriage and honeymoon of Big “James Park II” Red
  • Toot-toot: Kansas City detective bails on interrogation after suspect keeps farting
  • This Week In…: A Perfect Circle’s “no photo” policy at shows causing controversy, Rian Johnson gets a new Star Wars trilogy for himself, and RIP to a well-known musician
  • Bad Timing: Boston radio host Mike Felger under fire due to his comments about Roy Halladay’s death
  • How Fucking Dumb Are You? Florida woman attempts to swap barcodes on Walmart merchandise, fails miserably