Talk Radio Meltdown is a free podcast from Boston, Massachusetts, presented in the form of an uncensored talk radio show. New episodes are released weekly, featuring lowbrow commentary on current events, pop culture, the world, and everything in between. We invite you to listen; we hope you enjoy! 

L-R: Kate, Jack, Fro, Mike, and Big Red

L-R: Kate, Jack, Fro, Mike, and Big Red

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To get you up to speed, here is a brief history of Talk Radio Meltdown:

  • The first episode was recorded on April 1, 2009
  • Episodes have been recorded in mom’s basement, a bedroom, two living rooms, and now a pretty sweet home studio
  • Jack and Kate are married
  • Jack and Fro have been friends since elementary school
  • Jack met Mike and Big Red at WAAF in Boston, where they all worked together

Here are some quick tidbits about your presenters:

  • Jack knows nothing about sports, despite living in “Title Town”
  • When his mom isn’t cooking potatoes, Fro can be found playing Tibia
  • Kate is an anime encyclopedia and can summon squirrels
  • Mike bleeds Fallout, and somehow procreated
  • Big Red famously refuses to watch movie trailers

The following are some of the segments commonly heard on episodes of Talk Radio Meltdown:

  • This Week In…, covering the best of the past week’s news in pretty much any topic
  • What Would You Have Done? A news story with a bizarre twist is presented, and Jack questions the room as to what they might have done in a similar scenario
  • Nerdgasm, in which an entire segment is dedicated to one co-host’s nerdy personal interest
  • Red Previews a Movie, where Big Red previews an upcoming flick, despite not having seen its trailer or read up on any general information about it
  • How Fucking Dumb Are You? A news story is presented featuring someone doing something incredibly mind-blowing and stupid
  • Fatherly Advice, featuring parental anecdotes by resident show-dad, Mike Tarara

Talk Radio Meltdown is brought to you by Jack Gill, Chris Froment, Katie Gill, Mike Tarara, and Jimmy “Big Red” Park.

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