Talk Radio Meltdown is a free podcast and uncensored internet talk radio show from Boston, Massachusetts. Host Jack Gill and a lovable crew of misfits cover the latest buzz in pop culture and outlandish news stories. New episodes are released weekly, covering the topics that other radio shows aren’t discussing, while avoiding the serious stories that you are probably sick of hearing about. We invite you to listen; we hope you enjoy.

L-R: Kate, Jack, Fro, Mike, and Big Red

L-R: Kate, Jack, Fro, Mike, and Big Red

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This is an internet talk radio show without limits. We will discuss anything you want to hear. There are no FCC regulations, no filters, no restrictions, and no rules about what we can and cannot say.

In each episode, we will cover what is happening in the news. Sometimes we get political. Sometimes we discuss sports. Most of the time, we just talk about whatever is on our minds. We do our best to make each other laugh, and we hope you are laughing along with us.

Each episode is streamed live on our flagship station More Like Radio, or recorded live-to-tape; these episodes are later made available to stream or download as podcasts. A podcast is defined as “a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.”

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Talk Radio Meltdown is brought to you by Jack Gill, Chris Froment, Katie Gill, Mike Tarara, and Jimmy “Big Red” Park. For more information on who’s who, check out our HOSTS page!

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