Episode 275

  • Former Fro-host Chris Froment joins us, quite hungover
  • Jack and Kate are going to California
  • Fro’s marriage is ending, and he reveals why he left the show
  • Harry Shearer is leaving The Simpsons
  • Red and Fro discuss Shark Tank
  • Jack heavily praises Mad Max: Fury Road
  • 28 Months Later has been announced
  • Celebrating 10 years of Leeroy Jenkins

Episode 274

  • Jack vs. his computer
  • Carroll Spinney’s tear-jerking reddit AMA
  • Films based on video games

  • The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao debacle
  • The Wells Report on Deflategate was released
  • Starting up the Fallout 4 rumor mill yet again

Episode 273

  • Jack and Mike review Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Baltimore is a mess
  • Valve experiments with paid Skyrim mods (and fails)
  • Texas A&M professor goes insane, fails his entire class