Episode 253

  • Warren Noel is co-hosting for the last time, before he moves to Los Santos
  • Mike isn’t here because he broke his toes
  • Awkward sex stories
  • “Tusk” came out and nobody saw it
  • Warren’s awkward move-in experience
  • Jack plays a clip from Episode 58 when he and Warren got tanked and did a show together
  • Samy from Amy’s Baking Company threatened a guy with a knife
  • Malcolm Young has dementia

Episode 252

  • KTVA anchor says “fuck it, I quit” on live TV
  • TRM Fantasy Football update
  • Jack finally did a good impression
  • The leaves are changing and Jack is mad
  • Kate’s dad is the epitome of first-world problems
  • iPhone 6 Plus is bending in peoples pockets
  • Jasmine Tridevil and her three boobs
  • Man orgasms 100 times per day
  • What happened to the berries and cream guy?
  • First person in Australia to buy an iPhone 6 drops it

Episode 251

  • The Acc and Jack Show, featuring Chris Acciardi, Jack Gill, and Zach Ward
  • Destiny was released, and it’s bleh
  • Jack is replaying Half-Life 2
  • Zach is excited for Silent Hills
  • Stereotyping female video game protagonists
  • Acc enjoys a good MMORPG
  • U2 forced their new album upon everyone
  • Acc finally got a job

Chattywampus – Episode 21

  • Nicole discovered Tinder
  • Jack and Nicole reminisce about high school
  • Pandora vs. Spotify
  • Going to the gym
  • Full House is getting revived
  • Joan Rivers is on her way out

Episode 250

  • It’s the 250th episode
  • The fart remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”
  • Jack gets his angst out against old internet radio station owners
  • Kate is high on cough syrup and nail polish remover
  • Kate and Jack broke up for a day
  • Market Basket is back in Arthur T. Demoulas’ control
  • Reviewing the Simpsons marathon on FXX
  • Red reads an email from Seth Green’s publicist
  • Jack lashes out against Seth Green’s publicist
  • Red discovered Jessica Nigri