Chattywampus – Episode 18

  • Everything awesome is happening at Comic-Con
  • Nicole is finally watching Orange is the New Black
  • Another massive sinkhole was found in Siberia
  • Nicole goes on an epic rant about putting people down
  • 50 Shades of Terrible
  • Sex toy left inside woman for ten years

Episode 246

  • Another day, another plane crash in the news
  • Disaster memorials around the world
  • Describing the Vegas strip to the uninformed
  • Help get us to Rock and Shock 2014!
  • Kirk Minihane from WEEI is at it again!
  • The ongoing Market Basket fiasco in New England
  • Red tries to convince Kate to go to Taco Bell

Chattywampus – Episode 17

  • Portal 2 is still amazing
  • Giant crater in North Siberia
  • Marvel has movies lined up through 2019
  • Dick Radio Meltdown
  • Market Basket fiasco in New England
  • Abandoned shopping malls are freakishly awesome

Episode 245

  • Malaysian Airlines lost another plane, and we are going to Hell for our commentary
  • The DashCon 2014 debacle
  • Jason Biggs is an asshole
  • Comcast’s public relations disaster
  • Westboro Baptist Church covers Panic at the Disco
  • WEEI’s Kirk Minihane under fire for calling Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch”
  • Charlie Sheen is still a drunk mess

Chattywampus – Episode 16

  • Why smaller concert venues such as clubs are so much better than amphitheaters and arenas
  • The Northeast has had some strange-ass weather
  • Our dependency on Facebook and other forms of modern media