Episode 244

  • Epic “Name That Tune” fail on Good Morning New York with an uncensored DMX song
  • Kate tells a tale of good parenting
  • Britney Spears’ “Alien” before auto-tune sounds like bad karaoke
  • Nicole’s mom is still pretty hot
  • Kate gets really involved in television shows
  • The “Ketchup Mustard” crack-whore video
  • Orange is the New Black gets nominated for a bunch of Emmy’s
  • Fat stupid ham-planet asshole falls asleep at a Yankees game and tries to sue ESPN
  • Kate’s house screws with air traffic control equipment

Episode 243

SiriusXM fired Anthony Cumia, co-host of The Opie and Anthony Show. There is no hope for radio anymore.

Episode 242

Yay, butt rape!

Chattywampus – Episode 15

Well done, Mr. Matthews.

Episode 241

The kids these days with the EDM and the Avicii and the molly and the Jell-O pudding.