Episode 329: “… and your kids die too.”

The Unforgiven Game! Jack either snorted too much coke… or has a zit inside his nose Who is more relevant: Simpsons or South Park? Our (new) Lord and Savior, Kenneth Bone SNL’s guest host “Margo Rubio” Opie and Anthony reunite after 2 years apart Nancy Grace walks off “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts” VERMIN […]

Episode 328: Shrak

The Tony Hawk video games had THEBESTTHEBESTTHEBEST soundtracks Elsa from Frozen is a total bitch Who has patience for three-hour movies? The Magic 7, an unreleased Earth Day movie featuring John Candy and Madeline Kahn Chris Farley as “Shrak” Famous cases of recasting in major films Netflix and Marvel continue to make an amazing […]

Episode 327: The Black Blood

“How did you spend your weekend?” “Talking about shit… to an audience!” That moment when your parents walk in on you lol @ Jack and Red’s baby videos Jack “The Bunny Killer” Gill Red tells the tale of Abby’s horrific bout of food poisoning The menstruation cycle, as explained by Kate Remember those awkward […]