Episode 280

  • America vs. the Confederate flag
  • Jack doesn’t trust Uber
  • Unfinished video games
  • Red’s on a salad kick
  • James “Red” Park goes to the casino, vol. 8
  • Old habits – Fro spends the show playing Oregon Trail

  • Donald Trump is a joke
  • Carlton joins AFV
  • Paris Hilton gets pranked
  • Idiot gets mad at his local NBC station for their logo
  • The saga of the New York prison escapees
  • Kate’s turn to get food poisoning

Episode 279

  • Love is the law – Gay marriage is legal across the US!
  • Milestones that occurred during Obama’s presidency
  • Noel Gallagher rips apart a local Boston band
  • Proper usage of the word “cunt”
  • Mike can finally dish on Fallout 4
  • Video game companion apps
  • Early reviews for Terminator Genisys are not good
  • Patsy Cline is back, in hologram-form!
  • Uwe Boll officially finally gives up on Hollywood

Episode 278

  • Jack got food poisoning from Burger King
  • Jack and Kate do New York City
  • The annual US Air Guitar Championship qualifier at TT The Bear’s Place in Cambridge (RIP)
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Leaks in the music and movie industry
  • Video game protagonists

  • Fro’s marriage update – his ex gets mad at him about everything
  • Fro was pushed through a wall once
  • Jack got suspended in high school for going on MySpace
  • Sex stories
  • Kate weighs in on Fallout 4
  • Jon Arbuckle-wannabe calls 911 on his cat

R.I.P. The Replacements – if we don’t see you for a long, long while, we’ll try to find you left of the dial.