Episode 307

The good old days of being a kid and getting chased off your neighbor’s lawn Everyone in Fro’s family is inexplicably attractive Jack justifies buying a PlayStation VR Fro highly recommends The Long Dark (PC/Xbox One) Axl Rose joins AC/DC

Episode 306

Jack and Fro, offending people with sound drops from “The Ryan White Story” since 2009 Jack’s house – so close, yet so far away The Rolling List of “Holy Shit,” part 2 – RIP Doris Roberts, Chyna, and Prince Bill and Ted 3 is officially in production

Episode 305

“Boss-Cast,” featuring Jack’s current/Red’s former bosses, Chris and Veronica Chris learns of the finest treasures of Worcester, MA – Wings Over Worcester, Coney Island and That’s Entertainment A map leaked for the follow-up to Red Dead Redemption Jack’s co-worker made a 1980s-themed Spotify playlist, which leads to debate between everyone over the song selections […]