Episode 323

Fro wants to go hiking Working in customer service – the douchiest of douchebag callers Jack vs. “Facebook Frank” Why is MacGyver being remade? Gushing over the new Rocko’s Modern Life movie Cringeworthy criminal procedure shows on TV We’re still trying to understand the failure that was Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani Cell phone […]

Episode 322

RIP Jack Riley, aka Stu Pickles from Rugrats Jack and Red recall “Jethro Tull Guy(?)” from WAAF Jack is going gray! The rancid mini-fridge at Jack’s work Crystal Pepsi is officially back, and it’s aight Freestyle Coke machines cause irrational anger A debate over fake penises Gawker.com officially shutting down French Olympic power walker […]

Episode 321

The male travesty that is sitting down to take a leak No Man’s Sky: Don’t believe the reviews, buy it! The continuing backlash against Suicide Squad New Green Day song “Bang Bang” sounds like old Green Day Red derails the Green Day track to reveal his Talk Radio Meltdown tattoo

RIP Kenny Baker […]