Episode 367: Ho-Riffic

Irrational Pet Fears: Show-dog Cooper is afraid of random, household objects How Fucking Dumb Are You? Woman alleges Spirit Airlines pressured her into flushing down a toilet her “emotional support” hamster Red Previews a Movie: Big Red previews Solo: A Star Wars Story, despite having not seen its trailer This Week In…: Recapping recent […]

Episode 366: San Dimas High School Football Rules!

Scoreball: In an unprecedented move for Talk Radio Meltdown, Jack and Mike spend almost the entire episode discussing football and Super Bowl LII What Would You Have Done? An angry father lunges for disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, and Jack and Mike question if they would have done the same in this situation […]

Money Shots – The Best of the Reboot

Presenting Money Shots, the best (and worst) of the rebooted Talk Radio Meltdown, featuring things that were said, done, and goofed upon in late 2017

Episode 351: “What Would You Have Done?” A woman caught her mechanic joy-riding in her limited edition Camaro, causing her taped confrontation to go viral Episode 360: Jack and Mike […]

Episode 365: Unbreakable Kimmy Turpin

Shutdown: Danny Tramp previously put the blame of a U.S. government shutdown on the President, which is exactly what happened prior to recording this episode Parents of the Year: Dissecting the curious case of David and Louise Turpin of California, who more or less held their dozen children captive in their own home Vista-out-of-Print: […]