Episode 299½

“We Are Waiting On Everyone To Be Together So We Can Record Episode 300, Part 1” Happy birthday Kate! Multi-story supermarkets A rare discussion about politics

Elliot Davis, Boston’s favorite scammer Skyrim porn Wes Scantlin’s latest on-stage meltdown Mozzarella-less sticks from McDonald’s The Fine Bros. “react” controversy Man gets shot, immediately does TV […]

Episode 299

2016: The year every great celebrity died (aka “The rolling list of ‘holy shit.’”) Weird-ass celebrity kids names 10 Cloverfield Lane – The “surprise” Cloverfield sequel that’s coming out in mere months!

Red’s spoiler-laden review of The Hateful 8 Jack and Kate picked their Fallout-inspired wedding date The awkward cross-dressing old man lady […]

Episode 298

Note: As of this post, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still a fairly new movie. That said, we spoiled quite a bit of the film during the second half of this episode. If you haven’t seen this film yet, then consider yourself forewarned.

Jack, Fro, Kate, Mike, and Red, all together again and […]