Episode 347: Szechuan Sauce

Bipolar New England weather hindered previous attempts at recording this episode Someone on this show is going to be a dad (or, the worst-kept secret on Talk Radio Meltdown) Ghost in the Shell is getting polarizing reviews Jack highly recommends watching the new season of Samurai Jack The age of cartoon revivals: Invader Zim […]

Money Shots: 2015 – 2016

Remember these moments from the past couple of years? Neither do we! 2015

Kate vs. Red vs. Pokemon Snap The problems with procreation and social media The Beauty and the Beast debate Building a wall around Cuba


Fro proposes to Jack at Chik-fil-A Speaking with an upper inflection Kate is an […]

Episode 346: Brad’s Wife

Puppies vs. children, or why Jack wants his bits snipped Donating sperm apparently comes with an insane education requirement Red is gaming for 24 straight hours in November for Extra Life – Click here to find out more information! Obamacare is here to stay Social media at its finest – The saga of Brad, […]

Episode 345: Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

“St. Patty’s Day” vs. “St. Paddie’s Day” Winter Abomination Stella The ridiculous folk you encounter at restaurants

The best types of Narragansett beer Jack, Kate, and a bunch of basic bitches When your family cares more about your dog than about you Internet weatherman Frankie McDonald warns everyone about Stella

Guest co-host […]