Episode 24

LISTEN TO THIS SHOW ENTIRELY, it gets RIDICULOUS an hour in / Jimmy “Big Red” Park is co-hosting with us / Kate’s former boss is a douche / Nigeria hates District 9 / The Army Bra / Mackenzie Phillips fucked her daddy / New bit: Fuck You! (THIS IS THE CRAZY PART) / Arizona gets sued for not-child porn / Really fucked up news / Frog Boy, AKA Pruane2Forever on Youtube

NOTES ABOUT THIS SHOW: We’re sorry. I apologize in advance. That’s all I’m going to say, but I URGE you to listen to this show in its entirety. Big Red was an amazing co-host and we hope to have him back soon!

1 comment to Episode 24

  • mad420

    as far as i understand it the hitler comment is “du wirst eine krankenschwester brauchen” or in english: “you’ll need a nurse”. it’s really bad-spoken though…

    hope that helps…

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