Episode 349: We Didn’t Start the Fyre

  • This episode was streamed on Facebook Live, giving listeners the chance to watch four hillbillies talk to one another about their one-sided interests
  • The 2017 US Air Guitar Championships are upon everyone except Jack
  • All the cool kids are posting on Facebook their “9 bands I’ve seen live, 1 is a lie” lists
  • Fyre Festival, probably one of the biggest music festival disasters in recent history
  • Reading Google reviews of the ADX Florence supermax prison

  • Alex Jones admits his shtick is fake, loses custody battle anyway
  • Mike Myers and Adam Sandler: Battle for quality films
  • RIP in peace Aaron Hernandez

  • Four-legged guest Cooper flips his shit in the midst of a discussion about how well-behaved he is
  • Jack’s house is crawling with ants
  • The Lion King shouldn’t be remade, but it is
  • Rob Lowe is Colonel Sanders for the next two weeks

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