Jack Gill
Host / Producer
"I don't sleep. I don't eat. I sit in the basement and listen to Sunny Day Real Estate all day and night. I beat children children beat me. Tarara's breath smells awful. All work and no play make Jack Gill a dull boy."
Katie Gill
"Resident nerd-slut. I usually enjoy the simple things in life, such as naming bugs and chewing loudly. Like every good woman should, I make an amazing sandwich."
Mike Tarara
"I am fluent in 5 languages but only enough to start a bar fight. Putana. I will eat veal piccata at a PETA rally. I have an answer for everything… what that answer is might not make the slightest bit of sense, but I WILL give you an answer. I am Mike Tarara."
Jimmy “Big Red” Park
"They asked me to come in on Episode 24 and they've been regretting it ever since. I'm the cause of most of the drunk shows, shouting matches and tangents that happen. I'm STILL holding on to the fact that I got Billy West on the show. I'm really just a big Teddy Bear… wait, where are my pants?"
Chris “Fro” Froment
Host, 2009-2012; 2015 – present
Dave Wooten (Wooter)
Host / Sports, Episodes 1-21
Guest Host
Joe “Skippy” Anders
Demick O’Brien
Guest Host
Josh Dolan
Guest Host / Now Works at “The Place We Couldn’t Talk About”
Guest Host
Warren T. Noel
Guest Host
Grant George
Guest Host
Chris “Acc” Acciardi
Co-Host, “The Acc & Jack Show,” 2006-2008
Guest Host
Stefan Giroux
Didn’t Kick Jack Out Of His House
Black Zach
Guest Host
Nate Fillers
Guest Host
Jackie Wells
Guest Host
Trish Flaherty
Just Ordered the Tavern Burger
Big Ed Teague
In-Studio Photographer
Bianca Fantoni
Christopher “Charlie from the Sandbox” Padgett