Episode 269

  • Jack had surgery before the show to fix his broken finger
  • Streaming cable services are taking over
  • The Apple Watch is ridiculous

  • The Westboro Baptist Church is full of failure
  • This winter sucked
  • The Justin Bieber roast
  • Big Red goes to PAX East

Episode 268

  • Leonard Nimoy has passed away
  • Jack pretends he knows stuff about Star Trek
  • Meet Jonas, Jack and Kate’s new dog
  • Audio from the only good scene of the Two and a Half Men finale
  • Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” movie sounds fantastic

  • Fred Toucher doesn’t know who Ed Sheeran is
  • The big win for net neutrality
  • The Boston snow vs. the MBTA
  • TRM Backflash – Big Red drunk on WAAF

Episode 267

  • The New England blizzards that never stop
  • Kate wants a dog
  • Red hurt himself fixing a leak
  • Tales from the emergency room

  • Zombie Cat is still alive
  • The Two and a Half Men finale was awful
  • Jack recaps the SNL 40th anniversary episode