Walker Stalker Con 2014

Walker Stalker Con 2014 visited Boston in June, and we were fortunate enough to score some passes and conduct some great interviews! Mike Tarara, his girlfriend Sara, and Big Red had the chance to speak with:

  • Randy from Stronghold Airsoft in Abington, Mass. who curates an annual “zombie survival event” at his course
  • Nick Gomez – “Tomas” from The Walking Dead
  • Travis Love – “Shumpert” from The Walking Dead
  • Douglas Tait – famed actor and stuntman
  • Brian Mahoney – Duffy from The Boondock Saints
  • David Della Rocco – Rocco from The Boondock Saints
  • Evan Michelson and Mike Zohn – Hosts of Oddities on The Discovery Channel & The Science Channel


Chattywampus – Episode 19

  • The Rick Roll is still a thing
  • Nicole’s take on Robin Williams
  • MLR Live 2
  • Jack’s car broke

Episode 248

  • We spend an hour discussing Robin Williams and his legacy
  • Tarara wanted us to play Spandau Ballet for some reason
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter vs. War Machine
  • Kid lives in a Wal-Mart and almost gets away with it
  • Jack doesn’t get 24-hour Subways
  • Recapping the More Like Radio live event in New Jersey
  • The most pirated video games by state
  • The never-ending Market Basket saga

Episode 247

  • Meet Colleen, our resident show doctor
  • Sharknado 2 shouldn’t be a thing, but it is
  • Colleen and Jack share similar spinal cords
  • The great Ebola outbreak of aught-14
  • The ice bucket challenge to raise ALS awareness
  • The “Apparently Kid”
  • The non-career of Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  • The art of chainsaw decapitation
  • Steve Harvey is an angry black man


Chattywampus – Episode 18

  • Everything awesome is happening at Comic-Con
  • Nicole is finally watching Orange is the New Black
  • Another massive sinkhole was found in Siberia
  • Nicole goes on an epic rant about putting people down
  • 50 Shades of Terrible
  • Sex toy left inside woman for ten years