Episode 311

  • Hey guys, let’s record a podcast… nevermind, our equipment shit the bed
  • Jack had a wardrobe malfunction
  • The most 90s concert ever
  • Red does not like the new Doom game
  • Kermit bangs Miss Piggy, as enacted by Mike and Kate
  • Kate can’t take time off from work

Episode 310

  • Red proposed to his girlfriend!
  • Of course, Red made his proposal a theatrical presentation
  • Jack highly recommends PlayStation Vue over traditional cable
  • Fake Facebook events for washed up bands playing gigs at retail outlets

Episode 309

  • The whole cast, together in the new house – just in time for more equipment failures!
  • Local Mass. beers what are good
  • The murder (and failed suicide) in Grafton, Mass.
  • “Jack, that means by proxy, you have touched your mom’s vag!”
  • The shit Fro finds on 4chan
  • All of the shows that got cancelled in 2016 so far
  • Welsh people with their ridiculous names