Episode 259

  • An intense discussion about Power Rangers
  • Grumpy Cat and other stupid memes
  • Lifetime movies still suck
  • Jack and Kate did not like Dumb and Dumber To
  • How we spent our Black Fridays
  • Red does not care for James Franco
  • Scott Stapp is a trainwreck
  • Hipsters are bringing back cassettes
  • Al Kaprielian – New England cult hero
  • What was Black Friday in 1996 like?

Episode 258

  • Jack and Kate finally moved in together
  • Our new recording space is amazeballs
  • Nobody likes Bill Cosby, not even Jell-O Pudding

  • Movie sequels everyhwere
  • Kate has an insane coughing fit
  • Buffalo vs. snow

  • Kiera Knightley showed everyone her tits
  • Kim Kardashian showed everyone her everything (against our wills)


Episode 257

There are no show notes for this episode, but we had a good time recording it. This is our final show for More Like Radio, a fantastic internet radio platform that has hosted our show for the past year. Our thanks to them for giving us a time slot and a chance. This will be our last show overall for a while; we could be back in a few weeks or a few months. We hope to talk at you again soon, and if not… #YourMomsBox