Chattywampus – Episode 21

  • Nicole discovered Tinder
  • Jack and Nicole reminisce about high school
  • Pandora vs. Spotify
  • Going to the gym
  • Full House is getting revived
  • Joan Rivers is on her way out

Episode 250

  • It’s the 250th episode
  • The fart remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”
  • Jack gets his angst out against old internet radio station owners
  • Kate is high on cough syrup and nail polish remover
  • Kate and Jack broke up for a day
  • Market Basket is back in Arthur T. Demoulas’ control
  • Reviewing the Simpsons marathon on FXX
  • Red reads an email from Seth Green’s publicist
  • Jack lashes out against Seth Green’s publicist
  • Red discovered Jessica Nigri

Chattywampus – Episode 20

  • It’s the second-to-last regular episode of Chattywampus
  • Nicole is a strict vagitarian
  • Canadian porn star is having a 25-man sex-a-thon for a boob job
  • Jack goes on a rant about MS
  • Nicole liked The Giver
  • Actors who are also famous musicians

Episode 249

  • We could replace Red and Kate with just their sound drops
  • Kate got a new job
  • 50 Cent did a hilarious ice bucket challenge
  • Jack’s neighbors are Nazis
  • The Simpsons marathon on FXX
  • Scott Weiland is back in jail (or so we thought at the time)
  • Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington is ‘aight
  • Listen to the Walker Stalker Con 2014 podcast!
  • More Rock and Shock talk
  • Kate finally reviews P.T. aka the Silent Hills teaser
  • Mike found a video of an insane motorcycle crash
  • Big Red goes on an adventure to Vermont

Walker Stalker Con 2014

Walker Stalker Con 2014 visited Boston in June, and we were fortunate enough to score some passes and conduct some great interviews! Mike Tarara, his girlfriend Sara, and Big Red had the chance to speak with:

  • Randy from Stronghold Airsoft in Abington, Mass. who curates an annual “zombie survival event” at his course
  • Nick Gomez – “Tomas” from The Walking Dead
  • Travis Love – “Shumpert” from The Walking Dead
  • Douglas Tait – famed actor and stuntman
  • Brian Mahoney – Duffy from The Boondock Saints
  • David Della Rocco – Rocco from The Boondock Saints
  • Evan Michelson and Mike Zohn – Hosts of Oddities on The Discovery Channel & The Science Channel