Episode 320

  • Happy birthday, Brittany Goofylastname!
  • Hiding a dick in a tattoo
  • Actresses that got hotter with age
  • 90-year-old man solicits a 48-year-old hooker, doesn’t give a fuck
  • The curious tale of Kevin the Con, formerly Kevin the Ex-Con
  • Fro’s divorce is taking forever
  • Suicide Squad is “fun,” don’t give in to the bad reviews
  • Wes Scantlin is still a mess

Episode 319

  • Will drunk Kate text us before the end of the show?!
  • Jack already gave up on Pokemon Go
  • The non-stop nostalgia train, aka San Diego Comic-Con
  • Fro discovered NBC’s Brian Williams

Episode 318

  • Going to concerts in sweltering heat
  • The Spice Girls are reuniting… or not
  • Joey Fat One’s new restaurant
  • Guy Fieri vs. Bobby Flay
  • Don’t play Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum
  • Cell phones at national memorials
  • 20 years later, Jack finally made a Final Fantasy VII reference
  • The reviews for the new Ghostbusters aren’t terrible
  • SPOILERS Orange is the New Black – Season 4 SPOILERS
  • ER was some fine television