Episode 308

  • Jack the homeowner!
  • The joys and pride of Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Abby goes to PAX East
  • The hairy refrigerator
  • Tom Hardy to cameo in Star Wars: Episode VIII
  • Marvel’s post-Civil War film lineup
  • Annual, over-saturated video game franchises
  • Malden, Mass. man steals pieces from the “Patriots Day” set
  • Mike’s impending wedding

Episode 307

  • The good old days of being a kid and getting chased off your neighbor’s lawn
  • Everyone in Fro’s family is inexplicably attractive
  • Jack justifies buying a PlayStation VR
  • Fro highly recommends The Long Dark (PC/Xbox One)
  • Axl Rose joins AC/DC

Episode 306

  • Jack and Fro, offending people with sound drops from “The Ryan White Story” since 2009
  • Jack’s house – so close, yet so far away
  • The Rolling List of “Holy Shit,” part 2 – RIP Doris Roberts, Chyna, and Prince
  • Bill and Ted 3 is officially in production