Episode 262

  • Sick-cast
  • Goodbye for now, Colbert and Ferguson
  • The Interview debacle
  • Which Culkin brother is best?

  • This Song Sucks – 2014 edition
  • Charlie Sheen on The Goldbergs
  • Red has never been on reddit before
  • Alien porn vs. real porn
  • A wild Colleen appears!

  • What the hell is a Pharrell?
  • Stephen Collins is back in the news
  • Mark Wahlberg wants a pardon

Episode 261

  • Red is finally considering watching a movie trailer
  • Terminator 5 will kill Matt Smith’s career
  • There are sequels to Jingle All the Way and A Christmas Story
  • Jack’s iPhone hates him
  • You need to see Birdman
  • Who played the better Batman?
  • Kate dissects Titanic
  • Washed-up bands playing at casinos
  • Awesome people are editing the TRM wiki
  • Our first porn websites
  • Sony got hacked


Episode 260

  • Mike is here, so we can finally talk about the Star Wars trailer
  • Movie trailers have their own trailers now
  • Terminator: Genisys looks bad
  • The Verve Pipe vs. The Verve

  • Greg Ginn is a jerk
  • Christopher Walken calls Xbox Live customer support
  • Brian Williams slow jams the news on Fallon

  • Angry man throws his McChicken at his wife
  • The cast of Suicide Squad is amazing
  • Sony got hacked again