Episode 364: Rosemary and Thyme

  • Lust for Life: Jack and Kate recap the Lana Del Rey show at the TD Garden in Boston
  • FroZone: Fro-host Chris Froment offers his opinions on Tide PODS, Ugandan Knuckles, Net Neutrality, and Logan Paul
  • Not a Drill: Hawaii residents were awoken to an incoming ballistic missile warning, thankfully a false alarm
  • This Week In…: Sam Rockwell curses on SNL, Christian Bale regrets Terminator Salvation, and the Call of Duty swatter finally gets charged

Episode 363: Aokigahara

  • Bombogenesis: At the time of recording, the weather in New England is stupid cold
  • The Fall of Logan Paul: YouTube star Logan Paul, who represents¬†everything that is wrong with millennials, causes controversy after filming a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest”
  • Red Previews a Movie: Big Red previews Avengers: Infinity War, despite having not seen its trailer nor read up on any details about the movie
  • TRM’s Top Songs of 2017: The crew sample their favorite musical picks from the past year

Episode 362: The Room

In this “very special episode,” Jack, Mike and Big Red watch the 2003 cult classic “The Room.” The decision to dedicate an entire episode to this masterpiece was inspired by the film “The Disaster Artist” starring James and Dave Franco. The best way to enjoy this episode is by streaming the video version below!

Episode 361: The Super Secret Star Wars Show

  • #GetExcite! Hyping up and theorizing Star Wars: The Last Jedi with fellow geek Andrew Martini
  • Life Day: Red saw the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time
  • Watch This: Rian Johnson’s power as a writer and director
  • A Star Wars Signature: The importance of wipe transitions