Episode 316

We spend the entire episode ripping all over what is considered the worst episode of the Star Trek franchise; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S1E10 (E9 if you’re on Netflix) “Move Along Home.”

Episode 315

  • Fro tries and reviews the A&W and Crush-flavored Pop Tarts
  • Meals, Ready to Eat and Poop
  • Crystal Pepsi is officially back – in Canada
  • It’s 1999 again: new blink-182 music and Pokemon Go
  • Microsoft is winning the backwards compatibility game
  • Woman finds a dead body whilst playing Pokemon Go

Episode 314

  • (Excuse the clipping audio at the beginning; processor gate fail!)
  • Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died, and the news broke shortly before recording of this episode began
  • Jack v Deer – Dawn of a New Car Bumper
  • Reviving Worcester
  • Kelley Square, Worcester – The worst intersection in the world
  • E3 2016, in which everything awesome was announced (The Last Guardian, virtual reality, and Bethesda wins!)