Episode 338: TalkRadioMelt

  • Our new fancy mixing console is put to the test
  • Beginning the first show of the new year with a horrific joke by Red
  • Join Red’s Clash Royale group, “TalkRadioMelt”
  • Super Mario Run, or Nintendo’s attempt at entering the free-to-play games market
  • Mariah Carey’s career, the final celebrity death of 2016
  • Some doofus crashed his Lamborghini on I-93 in Quincy
  • Video game rage: Kid gets flashbanged, flips his shit playing Call of Duty

  • SPOILERS: The end of Star Wars: Rogue One is discussed
  • Helen Mirren vs. Meryl Streep vs. Betty White
  • Girl Meets World has been canceled

  • Jimmy John’s has invaded Massachusetts
  • Mike’s wife presents “Working with a One-Upper”
  • Donald Trump vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Battle for the ratings!

Episode 337: My Year In Lists

  • Enjoy our final episode of the year; a year we would otherwise like to forget
  • Acquiring the new board for the show has been nothing short of a nightmare for Jack
  • The Great Celebrity Genocide of 2016 has hit it’s peak: RIP Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, the actor who performed Alf, and the guy who invented the Red Solo cup
  • Man creates a GoFundMe to protect Betty White from 2016
  • Jack really dislikes country music

  • Talk Radio Meltdown’s Top 10 songs of 2016, continued!
  • Steve Martin and Cinnabon post tweets about Carrie Fisher that offend everyone (but probably would have made Carrie Fisher herself laugh)
  • Rogue One is one of the best Star Wars movies in the franchise
  • Jack watched the Eagles tribute on CBS
  • Horrific names for your baby

  • Battlefield 1 players attempt a Christmas truce and party like it’s 1914
  • Buckcherry, not to be confused with Chuck Berry; one should be dead, and one is still very much alive

Talk Radio Meltdown’s Top 10 Songs of 2016

Episode 336: Does a Menu Count?

  • The start of this episode was plagued with equipment malfunctions. Enjoy Jack’s silent rage!
  • Carrie Fisher suffers a massive heart attack on a flight
  • WAAF (formerly “The Place We Can’t Talk About”) rejiggers its on-air lineup
  • Tiny Toon Adventures was an animated masterpiece

  • Talk Radio Meltdown’s Top 10 songs of 2016
  • The importance of audio quality
  • Introducing Cooper, Jack and Kate’s new roommate

  • blink-182 has a new album recorded
  • Jack kept his promise from Episode 335 and edited Red saying “fuck you” six different ways
  • Red has his own list of Top 10 things from 2016, neither of which are books