Money Shots: 2015 – 2016

Remember these moments from the past couple of years? Neither do we!


  • Kate vs. Red vs. Pokemon Snap
  • The problems with procreation and social media
  • The Beauty and the Beast debate
  • Building a wall around Cuba


  • Fro proposes to Jack at Chik-fil-A
  • Speaking with an upper inflection
  • Kate is an Asian porn star
  • Kate describes her favorite shower ritual of Jack’s in detail
  • Miley Cyrus joins the show
  • Kate details “the black blood”
  • Christopher Walken does impersonations for the show

Episode 346: Brad’s Wife

  • Puppies vs. children, or why Jack wants his bits snipped
  • Donating sperm apparently comes with an insane education requirement
  • Red is gaming for 24 straight hours in November for Extra Life – Click here to find out more information!
  • Obamacare is here to stay
  • Social media at its finest – The saga of Brad, his wife, and Cracker Barrel
  • White people rap
  • JJ Abrams’ new film Overlord is supposedly Cloverfield 4
  • Worcester businessman buys restaurant property with drug money

Episode 345: Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

  • “St. Patty’s Day” vs. “St. Paddie’s Day”
  • Winter Abomination Stella
  • The ridiculous folk you encounter at restaurants

  • The best types of Narragansett beer
  • Jack, Kate, and a bunch of basic bitches
  • When your family cares more about your dog than about you
  • Internet weatherman Frankie McDonald warns everyone about Stella

  • Guest co-host Abby started his own podcast
  • Jack breaks the studio desk
  • Target attempts to name Boston neighborhoods, fails miserably