Episode 332: How to Clean Your Butt

Our Facebook question of the week: Would you share a set of nail clippers with someone else? Kate reveals something hilarious about Jack’s shower habits AOL voice guy Elwood Edwards is now an Uber driver Don’t watch MTV’s Daria on Hulu “NAKED GRANDMA!” This is Us is a very good show and you should […]

Episode 213

Paul Walker vs. Christopher Walken vs. a tree.

Episode 109

Nate Fillers joins us for what we hope is the first of many appearances this summer. We talked about the Boston Bruins finally winning the Stanley Cup after 39 years, which is shocking considering this is the second show in a row where we’ve spent more than ten minutes talking about sports. Other things were […]

Episode 89

The queen of the internet has returned. Perhaps Ted Williams should record voice promos for her. While our live EdgeFM show ends at 9PM ET, we went on for an extra half hour, discussing poop noodles and yet another product purchased by Fro that has effectively failed on him.