Episode 89

The queen of the internet has returned. Perhaps Ted Williams should record voice promos for her. While our live EdgeFM show ends at 9PM ET, we went on for an extra half hour, discussing poop noodles and yet another product purchased by Fro that has effectively failed on him.

Episode 61

EARTHQUAKE WARNING – The best video ever, as of right now / Transformers 2 sucked / Miley Cyrus is busted / Girl deletes her boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters – rage ensues / Woman calls 911 because she needs a husband / Fast food jockeys suck / E3 and new video games / Fro has […]

Episode 39

Our first Sweet101Rocks show / Demick is here / Kate has a hot co-worker / The “Where Are Your Brains” video that we use in all of our production / Jack and Kate lack sports knowledge / Comic book movies / 4chan and YouTube / Someone calls to talk about 4chan memes / Fro’s epic […]