Episode 22

Our friends Fillers and Tarara are here / Michael Jackson / Obama pisses stupid people off / Fro’s ex-girlfriend / Jon and Kate hate each other / Paul McCartney trash talks Rock Band Beatles / The Garfield porn story / Tila Tequila sucks / Man gets called a pervert for taking harmless pictures of his […]

Episode 21

New show intro / Kate is on 4chan again / Sex prayer / The boy who cries blood and the girl who cries glass / World’s BIGGEST zit popped / Black Zach calls us / Fro tells his epic lunch tale on Woofer

Episode 17

Kate is fat / Australian Radio Show Ruins a 14-Year-Old’s Life / Obama’s Picnic Summit / Stupid-Ass Parents / Family Guy Abortion Episode / Someone Accidentally Plugs our Show on 4chan / May I Take Your Fetus? / 4chan vs. AT&T / Crazy Tech News