Episode 38

Boobies / The Starburst Little Lad / FreeCreditReport.com guy vs. KGB girl / Zombie Survival Guide / Kate is hot / The Beard Off / Dumb fat kid wages war against 4chan, and loses / Jonah Falcon, the guy with the 13.5 inch cock / World’s oldest people

Episode 31

Sports / What to do when the world ends / Voting for the show on Podcast Alley / Childhood mishaps / MA Men / Kate shares a diarrhea story / HATEMAIL / The Talk Radio Meltdown strip club / Calling a number we found on 4chan

Episode 22

Our friends Fillers and Tarara are here / Michael Jackson / Obama pisses stupid people off / Fro’s ex-girlfriend / Jon and Kate hate each other / Paul McCartney trash talks Rock Band Beatles / The Garfield porn story / Tila Tequila sucks / Man gets called a pervert for taking harmless pictures of his […]