Episode 359: Pay-to-Whine

Philan-Fro-pist: Fro has a new business venture, guaranteed to either make him thousands and/or put him in jail An Interview, kind of: “Deep voice guy” Aadam Clegg is promoting his band’s show – Chase the Past, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA – November 25th, 2017 This Week In…: RIP AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, […]

Episode 328: Shrak

The Tony Hawk video games had THEBESTTHEBESTTHEBEST soundtracks Elsa from Frozen is a total bitch Who has patience for three-hour movies? The Magic 7, an unreleased Earth Day movie featuring John Candy and Madeline Kahn Chris Farley as “Shrak” Famous cases of recasting in major films Netflix and Marvel continue to make an amazing […]

Episode 253

Warren Noel is co-hosting for the last time, before he moves to Los Santos Mike isn’t here because he broke his toes Awkward sex stories

“Tusk” came out and nobody saw it Warren’s awkward move-in experience Jack plays a clip from Episode 58 when he and Warren got tanked and did a show […]