Episode 309

The whole cast, together in the new house – just in time for more equipment failures! Local Mass. beers what are good The murder (and failed suicide) in Grafton, Mass. “Jack, that means by proxy, you have touched your mom’s vag!” The shit Fro finds on 4chan All of the shows that got cancelled […]

Episode 266

The Super Bowl is happening, and we don’t care Friendly’s Restaurants still exist? Good show spinoffs vs. bad spinoffs Agent Carter and the Marvel Universe Tom DeLonge got kicked out of blink-182

Trivia Crack – the coolest thing ever for the next ten minutes The Great Towel Color Debate of Aught-Fifteen James E. […]

Episode 264

Eating Kate’s birth control pills Guinness Blonde Red’s not-tattoo John Osterlind got fired Boston 2024! Everyone should watch Agent Carter

Fred Armisen is apparently a jerk Red recaps the last Craig Ferguson episode Trivia night with Mike and Jack The Charlie Hebdo massacre Jack finally saw The Empire Strikes Back The uncensored audio […]