Episode 291

Fallout 4 is upon us Red visited the Pixar exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science Jack goes to Scotland Introducing “Upstairs Douche” The day after Halloween Scoreball paranoia The ridiculousness of airport screening

“Suck and Stomp,” featuring Droopy Dick Red and Abby discuss “helicopter dick” South Park’s amazing “Boogers and Cum” song […]

Episode 268

Leonard Nimoy has passed away Jack pretends he knows stuff about Star Trek Meet Jonas, Jack and Kate’s new dog Audio from the only good scene of the Two and a Half Men finale Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” movie sounds fantastic

Fred Toucher doesn’t know who Ed Sheeran is The big win for net […]

Episode 54

Kate’s car failed inspection / Gas stations ripping you off / Our friend Will and his ridiculous Facebook status updates / TsimFuckis… again / Water emergency in Boston / Super condiments / Tofu / Chinese man dies after an eel eats his bowels / New Alien prequel / Bungie fucked up with the Halo Reach […]