Episode 165

Jack’s friend Doug George (brother of Grant George, who last co-hosted the show during Episode 56) joined he and Mike for a rousing discussion about Andy Griffith, Tom Cruise, and childhood bullies. Doug, an Arizona native, was also poked fun at for not knowing was snow was until nine years ago.

Episode 90

Watch your pets; when they die, Jack Gill will steal their bodies from the animal morgue and desecrate them. Nobody could recall the top meme’s of 2010, yet we could remember every other great internet sensation from years gone by. Meanwhile, we could hear Tarara getting fatter after eating 20 Chicken McNuggets for $4.99.

Episode 70

Talk Radio Meltdown + The Acc & Jack Show – Acc, Black Zach, and new co-host Stephanie are here / Hurricane Earl / Miranda Cosgrove is a whore / Calvin and Hobbes / Kim Jong Il is a psychopath / Nuclear warfare / Arizona governor is a total fuck-up / Acc tells another story about […]

Episode 24

LISTEN TO THIS SHOW ENTIRELY, it gets RIDICULOUS an hour in / Jimmy “Big Red” Park is co-hosting with us / Kate’s former boss is a douche / Nigeria hates District 9 / The Army Bra / Mackenzie Phillips fucked her daddy / New bit: Fuck You! (THIS IS THE CRAZY PART) / Arizona gets […]