Episode 338: TalkRadioMelt

Our new fancy mixing console is put to the test Beginning the first show of the new year with a horrific joke by Red Join Red’s Clash Royale group, “TalkRadioMelt” Super Mario Run, or Nintendo’s attempt at entering the free-to-play games market Mariah Carey’s career, the final celebrity death of 2016 Some doofus crashed […]

Episode 337: My Year In Lists

Enjoy our final episode of the year; a year we would otherwise like to forget Acquiring the new board for the show has been nothing short of a nightmare for Jack The Great Celebrity Genocide of 2016 has hit it’s peak: RIP Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, the actor who performed Alf, and the guy […]

Episode 145

Woody Harrelson joined us on this show. However, he only wanted to talk about his new film and completely ignored any questions we had about statutory rape.


We took poops together.