Episode 325: Tom DeLonge

(What if we started titling every episode? This episode’s title is “Tom DeLonge,” because someone on the show bursts into laughter every time he hears the name.) The show got off to a false start, thanks to Hurricane Hermine Jack doesn’t believe a story he saw on reddit involving a stolen Tom DeLonge signature […]

Episode 315

Fro tries and reviews the A&W and Crush-flavored Pop Tarts Meals, Ready to Eat and Poop Crystal Pepsi is officially back – in Canada It’s 1999 again: new blink-182 music and Pokemon Go Microsoft is winning the backwards compatibility game Woman finds a dead body whilst playing Pokemon Go

Episode 266

The Super Bowl is happening, and we don’t care Friendly’s Restaurants still exist? Good show spinoffs vs. bad spinoffs Agent Carter and the Marvel Universe Tom DeLonge got kicked out of blink-182

Trivia Crack – the coolest thing ever for the next ten minutes The Great Towel Color Debate of Aught-Fifteen James E. […]