Episode 194

“Last one to fall, first one to go up! Fuck all y’all.” – 7 World Trade Center

Episode 190

“… gay… fucking shit.”

Episode 143

Back from his sabbatical is co-host Chris Froment, who spent his time mining potatoes for various McDonald’s franchises across the southern United States. Discussed during Episode 143 was sports. Yes, sports. We’re shocked, too. The “Stella Awards” were also brought up, which highlights the ever-growing “pusification of America.”

Episode 127

Razmig (www.razmig.net, “The Razmig Show”) joined us for this 3-hour long boozefest. It gets off to a slow start, but gets real fun, real quick. Enjoy!

Side note: You know that “explicit content” tag we have at the beginning of every show? Yeah, you’ve been warned. Just sayin’.