Episode 127

Razmig (www.razmig.net, “The Razmig Show”) joined us for this 3-hour long boozefest. It gets off to a slow start, but gets real fun, real quick. Enjoy!

Side note: You know that “explicit content” tag we have at the beginning of every show? Yeah, you’ve been warned. Just sayin’.

RadioYou Boston Show – 6/17/11

Jack and Red giggle like immature teenagers every time they mention Anthony Weiner’s name. Rebeca Black is in the news again, with the removal of her awful “Friday” music video from YouTube. Also; stuff!

Episode 109

Nate Fillers joins us for what we hope is the first of many appearances this summer. We talked about the Boston Bruins finally winning the Stanley Cup after 39 years, which is shocking considering this is the second show in a row where we’ve spent more than ten minutes talking about sports. Other things were […]