Episode 324

The hot redhead at the local coffee shop Getting stuck behind a dumb Prius driver Jack met a fellow Jack who shares his nickname pain Intelligent porn stars Eddie Vedder kicks out a fan at Pearl Jam’s Chicago show

Kate pops her hip out of place for Abby The “turkey baster” reference that […]

Episode 281

Red went on a food tour MTV reality shows are somehow still relevant Online dating The epic San Diego Comic Con 2015 Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad trailers leaked The Jared Fogel scandal Fast food commercials Jack vs. Rocket League Red and Kate fight over Pokemon Snap Nintendo president/CEO Satoru Iwata dies Canadian […]

Episode 52

Kate transformed into one of those new compostable bags of Sun Chips / Annex the U.S. with Canada and/or Mexico / How McDonald’s created the “McCheese” / Movies about tornadoes / Social networking vs. relationships / Tax-day / Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever / Conan O’Brien is hosting a new show on TBS / Famous […]