Episode 293

Panty Pantry raid Jack discovered Star Trek Red bought a PS4, but won’t open it until January Eating fake fruit Bitches eating cotton balls Daniel Radcliffe is a rap superstar ISIS sucks Adele as an Adele impersonator

Red and Fro saw Fallout 4 for the first time Talk Sex with TRM! Charlie Sheen […]

Episode 262

Sick-cast Goodbye for now, Colbert and Ferguson The Interview debacle Which Culkin brother is best?

This Song Sucks – 2014 edition Charlie Sheen on The Goldbergs Red has never been on reddit before Alien porn vs. real porn A wild Colleen appears!

What the hell is a Pharrell? Stephen Collins is back […]

Episode 245

Malaysian Airlines lost another plane, and we are going to Hell for our commentary The DashCon 2014 debacle Jason Biggs is an asshole

Comcast’s public relations disaster

Westboro Baptist Church covers Panic at the Disco WEEI’s Kirk Minihane under fire for calling Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch” Charlie Sheen is still a […]