Episode 41

A very intoxicated Big Red joins us / Kate didn’t take show notes, so we have no real recollection of what happened / Red is a heartless bastard / A school district bans the dictionary for containing “sexual terms” / Google Maps shows you how to travel to China / We do “Fuck You’s” for […]

Episode 23

Jack gets his wisdom teeth out / Patrick Swayze died / Banging Kate’s sister / Jack’s doctor yells at him off-the-air / Suicide bridge in China covered in butter / Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the VMA’s / Tibetan burial rituals involving vultures / Awkward Moments with George Plimpton / Kate and Fro host […]

Episode 11

Acc is hanging out with us / Brett Michaels gets his ass kicked / Hidden porn in Disney movies / Stephen Colbert goes to Iraq / The new iPhone sucks / Acc’s crazy friend Leslie / China censores porn / Messed up news