TRM’s Money Shots – Fall 2013

We did some stuff during the fall of 2013! This show comes full-circle, by starting and ending with our hosts injuring themselves in ridiculous ways.

Kate tells the story of Jack getting drunk and falling down a hill Riffing all over World’s Wildest Police Videos host John Bunnell Christopher Walken joins us for his opinions […]

Episode 213

Paul Walker vs. Christopher Walken vs. a tree.

Episode 30

Who listens to this show live / BioShock and Fallout 3 / Howard Stern vs. Mancow / Jack has an on-air meltdown / Christopher Walken / Stop & Shop / Cop gets busted jacking off to kiddie porn / Breakfast cereal / A Christmas Story / Escalator death stories / PSPGo sucks ass / New […]