Episode 86

All my retarded daughter wants for Christmas is a gangbang. Mike Portnoy, if you’re reading this – “good luck signing on.”


We took poops together.

Episode 39

Our first Sweet101Rocks show / Demick is here / Kate has a hot co-worker / The “Where Are Your Brains” video that we use in all of our production / Jack and Kate lack sports knowledge / Comic book movies / 4chan and YouTube / Someone calls to talk about 4chan memes / Fro’s epic […]

Episode 13

The Greatest Freakout Ever / South Carolina governor had an affair in Argentina / Drug Dealers and Why the Jury System is fucked up / Jon and Kate Plus 8 / INTERVIEW with Steve, star of The Greatest Freakout Ever / Megan Fox / Best of Craigslist / Transformers 2 sucks / Perez Hilton hates […]