Episode 344: Shake Your Blood

15 seconds of fame: Guy’s kids crash his BBC interview Mike Tarara has split personality disorder British morning news break shows the chestburster scene from Alien, during a kid’s show

Red highly recommends Get Out Marvel’s Iron Fist is getting horrific reviews across the board Disney needs to cut back on the live-action […]

Episode 304

We interviewed Jake Nodar and talked about his episode of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel! Batman v Superman – Ehhhhh…. The hype behind Negan on The Walking Dead DC versus Marvel Dave Grohl tries to save a local metal band from the UK Microsoft created a Holocaust-denying robot Man arrested for failing […]

Episode 147

We (or rather, Kate) interviewed voice actress Tara Strong! You may remember her from every cartoon and video game ever made… well, almost. She does have a very long resume.

Before you hear our discussion with her, you will have to stomach our thoughts on the death of Whitney Houston. Kate also tells a hate-filled […]