Episode 325: Tom DeLonge

(What if we started titling every episode? This episode’s title is “Tom DeLonge,” because someone on the show bursts into laughter every time he hears the name.) The show got off to a false start, thanks to Hurricane Hermine Jack doesn’t believe a story he saw on reddit involving a stolen Tom DeLonge signature […]

Episode 146

Jack, Red, and Mike consume alcohol and talk at you. Entertaining things occurred. Listening is recommended.

Episode 36

Jack is really unfunny on this show / David Lee Roth’s awful radio show / Brittany Murphy / Kate had sex with a woman / Derrick Roland fucks up his leg / Jack should cut off his dick / HP makes a racist webcam / Call of Duty freakout

NOTES: Here’s the video of […]

Episode 35

Our friend Demick O’Brien is here / Fro is really sick / Kate wasn’t here so we didn’t take show notes / Ass Smoothies / Fro watches 2 Girls 1 Finger / We actually watched a lot of shock videos / Fro makes a Jewish friend on Omegle / Jack plays audio from David Lee […]