Episode 250

It’s the 250th episode The fart remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Jack gets his angst out against old internet radio station owners Kate is high on cough syrup and nail polish remover Kate and Jack broke up for a day

Market Basket is back in Arthur T. Demoulas’ control Reviewing the Simpsons marathon […]

Episode 88

Dead mice plague our studio, homeless men can do radio better than we, and everyone wants to fuck Kate.

Episode 83

Talk Radio Meltdown returns live / Whip your dick out on a train / Guy pulls a terrific prank on his mother, leading her to have a major meltdown – all caught on tape / News anchors flipping out on the air / Listen to this whole show, it’s really good. Also, support the show […]

Episode 6

Wooter is late/Jack supports Swine Flu/Cannibal Holocaust/Old guy sues over a shrub/Skull fucking/Obama has lunch at a burger joint/Incidents involving amusement parks and children/Anal sex/The show goes downhill after 10:15