RadioYou Boston Podcast – 3/11/11

So the world has pretty much come to an end over in Japan, but we did our best to shy away from that subject. Instead, we talked about Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and how Facebook is trying to kill your computer.

Episode 91

Jack and Red celebrated Kate’s 21st birthday by doing a show without her. We don’t know where to begin with this particular episode; Red has about four mental breakdowns over the course of the three hours we were on the air, such as when he told the story of when he recently was denied Yuengling […]

Episode 85

It’s hard to say what was more shocking; the fact that Elisabeth Edwards jokes were made literally an hour and a half after the news broke that she had died, or that Jack actually led a sports-oriented discussion for more than thirty seconds. Also, “The Walking Dead” is a terrific show, and you should be […]