Episode 182

Jesus dick, Fro turned in to a dog!

Episode 81

Talk Radio Meltdown live at GameStop for the Call of Duty: Black Ops midnight release! / Acc, Warren, and Red co-host this show with us / Good times – really fun show – listen to the whole thing!

Episode 80

Red is co-hosting this mess / The tale of a boy who got his period / The first on-location episode of Talk Radio Meltdown! / Kate’s epic story about a douchebag customer at work / Red and Jack educate you on how radio works / Conan O’Brien and William Shatner on Lopez’ awful show / Scary fat gay kid / Watching videos of on-air news bloopers and meltdowns

Episode 67

New friends Jackie and Chris are co-hosting / Fro pulled a Fro last show / More Jessi Slaughter hilarity / Antoine Dodson, the newest and greatest internet meme / Carlos Santana and the mutant Green Monster / Chris doesn’t know what Battletoads are / Pot critic / Jack vs. Kate

Episode 46

An okay show. / Mike gets in trouble at home because of our website / Angry Gamestop customer calls 911 on Kate for bad service / The PlayStation Network goes down, and we get into a long discussion about video games / Cross-talk with The Jersey Jerks Show