Episode 338: TalkRadioMelt

Our new fancy mixing console is put to the test Beginning the first show of the new year with a horrific joke by Red Join Red’s Clash Royale group, “TalkRadioMelt” Super Mario Run, or Nintendo’s attempt at entering the free-to-play games market Mariah Carey’s career, the final celebrity death of 2016 Some doofus crashed […]

Episode 301

Fuller House vs. Girl Meets World The tribulations of house hunting Deadpool should host SNL

We don’t understand the hype behind “Damn, Daniel” Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, according to Florida Ethan Couch might finally be going to jail Guessing Pokemon with non-Pokemon fans Japanese ass-eating restaurant

Episode 244

Epic “Name That Tune” fail on Good Morning New York with an uncensored DMX song Kate tells a tale of good parenting Britney Spears’ “Alien” before auto-tune sounds like bad karaoke Nicole’s mom is still pretty hot Kate gets really involved in television shows The “Ketchup Mustard” crack-whore video Orange is the New Black […]

Episode 176

“Hi, I’m Angus T. Jones. I make $350,000 per week, but my life sucks, as do my employers, and my job. Chuck Lorre eats children, Holland Taylor is actually Jabba the Hutt, post-Atkins, and Jon Cryer is a closeted homosexual. Please don’t watch my show – i.e., the only thing I’ve done with my life, […]