Episode 111

This show is almost three hours long! Google+, Soundgarden, and an almost-naked Kate were brought in to the discussion.

RadioYou Boston – 3/4/11

For our RadioYou Boston listeners, Jack and Red bring you a fine discussion about Charlie Sheen, as well as how the Android Market will fuck you over. Also, poop.

Episode 22

Our friends Fillers and Tarara are here / Michael Jackson / Obama pisses stupid people off / Fro’s ex-girlfriend / Jon and Kate hate each other / Paul McCartney trash talks Rock Band Beatles / The Garfield porn story / Tila Tequila sucks / Man gets called a pervert for taking harmless pictures of his […]

Episode 15

Michael Jackson’s funeral was a joke / Jimmy Fallon finally does something funny / Al Sharpton is a douche / Guy tapes mechanics fucking with his car and gets them fired / Landlord of the Flies / Google Chrome OS / Inspector Gadget technology / Michael Jackson sculpture made out of butter / Sarah Palin […]