Episode 66

Acc and Nate Fillers are co-hosting this show / Jack is on the Wikipedia article for the Greatest Freakout Ever / Jessi Slaughter – you dun goof’d / ICP and juggalos / Nickelodeon shows / Wisdom teeth / Nine Inch Nails / Meeting celebrities

Episode 18

Our friend Grant is hanging out with us / Follow up to the Australian radio show rape incident / Ryan Seacrest is gay / Nickelodeon shows during the 1990’s / wafflepwn is a phony / The hilarious flaws of the Kansas judicial system / Old teachers from high school / Apple sucks / College graduate […]

Episode 13

The Greatest Freakout Ever / South Carolina governor had an affair in Argentina / Drug Dealers and Why the Jury System is fucked up / Jon and Kate Plus 8 / INTERVIEW with Steve, star of The Greatest Freakout Ever / Megan Fox / Best of Craigslist / Transformers 2 sucks / Perez Hilton hates […]