Episode 321

The male travesty that is sitting down to take a leak No Man’s Sky: Don’t believe the reviews, buy it! The continuing backlash against Suicide Squad New Green Day song “Bang Bang” sounds like old Green Day Red derails the Green Day track to reveal his Talk Radio Meltdown tattoo

RIP Kenny Baker […]

Episode 173

Hurricane Sandy cut my power and gave me multiple sclerosis!

Episode 166

Former WFNX DJ Kaya (@djkayab on Twitter) joined us for this episode of Talk Radio Meltdown. As Boston’s WFNX is going off the air very soon, Jack and Kaya discussed the state of the radio industry, as well as some cool stories about Kaya’s time working at ‘FNX. Other goofy things were also discussed, such […]

Episode 8

Green Day sucks/Big Ed does our photoshoot/Kates sister does porn/Microsoft is ripping us off/1 Guy 1 Screwdriver/Korean sex-theme park/Jell-O Wrestling/Twitter and Facebook are gay/Stories about failed suicide, accidental suicide, and kids getting tear gassed/Patrick Swayze is not dead