Episode 305

“Boss-Cast,” featuring Jack’s current/Red’s former bosses, Chris and Veronica Chris learns of the finest treasures of Worcester, MA – Wings Over Worcester, Coney Island and That’s Entertainment A map leaked for the follow-up to Red Dead Redemption Jack’s co-worker made a 1980s-themed Spotify playlist, which leads to debate between everyone over the song selections […]

Episode 300

Our low-key three-hunnit episode! New England is getting hit by a polar vortex The cold crippled Fro’s car Stone Temple Pilots is auditioning new singers Recording the show into Fro’s voicemail box Setting your iPhone’s date back to 1970 will brick it

Everyone wanted to hear the five-year anniversary montage again The chronicles […]

Episode 113

Kate and Jack spoil the new Harry Potter movie early on in this show… we still encourage you to listen, though. Nate Fillers joined us during the second-half of the program to debut music from his Sbassbear project. We also happily discussed Nickelodeon’s new “The 90’s Are All That” block.