Episode 181

Kate watched “The Notebook” while on her period, and was a miserable wreck for three hours afterwards. Jack, being the loving boyfriend that he is, made fun of her the entire time.

Episode 59

Big Red is co-hosting this show / We have enough chocolate here to put someone into a diabetic coma / Expensive shit / Celebrities are dying all over the place – it’s like it’s 2009 all over again / Grand Theft Auto-man Lazlow calls out stupid parents / The new Coke vending machines are fucking […]

Episode 53

The full cast of “The Acc & Jack Show” reunited – Acc, Jack, Kate, and Black Zach / Acc has no talent / Pranking Kate / Jack sucks at speaking / Nerds talking about video games / Tampons / South Park is awesome / Crazy Jewish guy calls out girl during speech / Lane Bryant […]

Episode 52

Kate transformed into one of those new compostable bags of Sun Chips / Annex the U.S. with Canada and/or Mexico / How McDonald’s created the “McCheese” / Movies about tornadoes / Social networking vs. relationships / Tax-day / Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever / Conan O’Brien is hosting a new show on TBS / Famous […]