Episode 260

Mike is here, so we can finally talk about the Star Wars trailer Movie trailers have their own trailers now Terminator: Genisys looks bad The Verve Pipe vs. The Verve

Greg Ginn is a jerk Christopher Walken calls Xbox Live customer support Brian Williams slow jams the news on Fallon

Angry man […]

Episode 228

From the epicenter of the 4.4 magnitude earthquake in beautiful Los Angeles, it’s the Tonight Show, starring Fred Phelps! Tonight, join Fred and his guests: a flaccid penis aired on live television, Edward Scissorhands, and the Asian guy who won the Wheel of Fortune in one guess.

Episode 204

We’re now accepting PayPal donations to replace Nicole’s chapstick, which was eaten by our dog towards the end of this episode.

Episode 181

Kate watched “The Notebook” while on her period, and was a miserable wreck for three hours afterwards. Jack, being the loving boyfriend that he is, made fun of her the entire time.