Episode 285

  • Walker Stalker Con Boston 2015!
  • The fall of Jared Fogle
  • Two morons threaten to shoot up the Pokemon World Championship in Boston
  • Jack vs. Front Butt
  • Intelligent criminals
  • What prison will be like for Jared Fogle
  • Unnecessary television reboots

  • Red’s ridiculous laugh
  • Workouts (or lack thereof)
  • Dissecting Jurassic Park and The Lost World
  • Josh Duggar and the Ashley Madison leak
  • Nipple hair grosses Kate out
  • Why you shouldn’t have kids
  • Sound drops that Jack forgot about

Episode 184

The aftermath of Winter Blizzard Typhoon Hurricane Storm Nemo didn’t stop us from doing a radio show, though we might have been slightly delayed by witnessing the official Talk Radio Meltdown truck get shot up by the LAPD and/or the Pope.