Episode 72

Mike and Jack are hosting this one by themselves / We dare you to listen to the entire first segment of this show, where we graphically discuss taking shits / Zombie outbreak / World’s largest boobs are no more / We call Fro to berate him for not showing up

Episode 15

Michael Jackson’s funeral was a joke / Jimmy Fallon finally does something funny / Al Sharpton is a douche / Guy tapes mechanics fucking with his car and gets them fired / Landlord of the Flies / Google Chrome OS / Inspector Gadget technology / Michael Jackson sculpture made out of butter / Sarah Palin […]

Episode 10

TsimFuckis/New computer virus/Liquor store stings/E3 – Rock Band Beatles, Left 4 Dead 2, PSP Go, and more/Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show/Eminem and Bruno/JD Salinger sues over “Catcher in the Rye” ripoff/Twitter causes problems for everyone