Episode 340: meow-182

Big radio news: Entercom purchases CBS Radio Following his lavish work-trip to California, Jack has an unhealthy obsession with In-n-Out Burger 2017 just started and we already lost some great celebrities Ben Affleck drops out of directing “The Batman,” amid other failures

Big Red has a big birthday Red vs. AMC Theaters M. […]

Episode 288

Jack, Kate, Mike and Red – together again! The Purge 3 is filming in Providence The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered, and it’s great Pete “Jellybean Lips” Davidson Kate had a horrific experience at Dunkin Donuts M. Night Shamalamadingdong made a new movie and it’s not awful

The New England Patriots are […]

Episode 55

No apartment for Jack and Kate / Strippers and tax write-offs / M. Night Shyamalan’s awful movies / The Human Centipede / Joquain Phoenix is a nutcase / Jack goes back to college / Asian Scooby Doo / MAC & CHEESE IS FUCKING AMAZING / That God-awful Kars 4 Kids ad / Betty White hosting […]