Episode 344: Shake Your Blood

15 seconds of fame: Guy’s kids crash his BBC interview Mike Tarara has split personality disorder British morning news break shows the chestburster scene from Alien, during a kid’s show

Red highly recommends Get Out Marvel’s Iron Fist is getting horrific reviews across the board Disney needs to cut back on the live-action […]

Episode 341: Bring Your Child to Work Day

PUPPY (and Kate.) Kate finally reviews Resident Evil 7, and the PS VR version is terrifying Tricks for getting around pronouncing difficult names Portlandia is coming to an end, for better or for worse Red is still upset about the AMC Theaters app not working The 2017 Grammy’s are upon us Some massive sporting […]

Episode 308

Jack the homeowner! The joys and pride of Worcester, Massachusetts Abby goes to PAX East The hairy refrigerator Tom Hardy to cameo in Star Wars: Episode VIII Marvel’s post-Civil War film lineup Annual, over-saturated video game franchises Malden, Mass. man steals pieces from the “Patriots Day” set Mike’s impending wedding