Episode 299½

“We Are Waiting On Everyone To Be Together So We Can Record Episode 300, Part 1” Happy birthday Kate! Multi-story supermarkets A rare discussion about politics

Elliot Davis, Boston’s favorite scammer Skyrim porn Wes Scantlin’s latest on-stage meltdown Mozzarella-less sticks from McDonald’s The Fine Bros. “react” controversy Man gets shot, immediately does TV […]

Episode 143

Back from his sabbatical is co-host Chris Froment, who spent his time mining potatoes for various McDonald’s franchises across the southern United States. Discussed during Episode 143 was sports. Yes, sports. We’re shocked, too. The “Stella Awards” were also brought up, which highlights the ever-growing “pusification of America.”

RadioYou Boston Show – 5/6/11

Jack and Red discuss the fundamentals of diarrhea, as well as getting beat down by angry bitches in front of a McDonald’s rest room. Jack gives his review of the first Michael Scott-less “Office,” and his views on the Osama bin Laden news – wait, what? A show that’s… almost… serious? Ha, just kidding.