Episode 125

I honestly don’t remember what we talked about, because we got sidetracked so many times. Still, a fantastic show, with a bonus segment at the end that we recorded after our Edge FM broadcast ended. Reekris!

Episode 124

Jack had two cavities drilled shortly before recording this podcast; hilarity ensues. The awful Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration was discussed, along with the death of Doritos creator Arch West. Jack also found what appears to be the only known official photograph of a dead Michael Jackson.

Episode 25

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remix with Michael Jackson / School lunches that fit the Grade-F stereotype / Jenny Slate fucks up on SNL / Halloween / Fro working at Burger King / The 11 Sex Offenders that you meet / Fuck you Kate Gosselin / Kate calculates how much cock she can take / CHALLENGES […]