Episode 46

An okay show. / Mike gets in trouble at home because of our website / Angry Gamestop customer calls 911 on Kate for bad service / The PlayStation Network goes down, and we get into a long discussion about video games / Cross-talk with The Jersey Jerks Show

Episode 8

Green Day sucks/Big Ed does our photoshoot/Kates sister does porn/Microsoft is ripping us off/1 Guy 1 Screwdriver/Korean sex-theme park/Jell-O Wrestling/Twitter and Facebook are gay/Stories about failed suicide, accidental suicide, and kids getting tear gassed/Patrick Swayze is not dead

Episode 5

Mindless Banter/Tony Danza/Swine Flu/Wooter Has A Lot of Sports/Microsoft Vine – Twitter for Emergencies/London Beer Flood/Stump The Hole