TRM’s Money Shots – Fall 2013

We did some stuff during the fall of 2013! This show comes full-circle, by starting and ending with our hosts injuring themselves in ridiculous ways.

Kate tells the story of Jack getting drunk and falling down a hill Riffing all over World’s Wildest Police Videos host John Bunnell Christopher Walken joins us for his opinions […]

TRM’s Money Shots – May 2012

We didn’t do too much during the month of May; we all got drunk at a bar broadcast, and then we took a couple of weeks off at the end of the month. In lieu of what could have gone down had we not taken that time off, we’ve included two segments from 2011 in […]

TRM’s Money Shots – April 2012

Here’s some stuff we did in April:

An hour-long interview with JAKE NODAR from History Channel’s “FULL METAL JOUSTING” Sweet Brown (“Ain’t nobody got time fo’ ‘dat!”) Tupac Shakur: The Hologram An hour-long interview with actor/director ADAM GREEN Ripping on local area commercials (“With these prices, I should be broke!”)

We top off this four-hour-long […]