Episode 339: This Is (Not) Us

Fro has a divorce update! Jack is wearing a shirt with Chris Pratt on it, and Red is oddly interested in it Boston Calling 2017 lineup is revealed, and it’s all forms of epic La-La-Land won all the Golden Globe awards Meryl Streep vs. Mel Gibson vs. Vince Vaughn vs. Trump supporters vs. Elvis […]

Episode 168

Jack plays back audio of Big Red’s stand-up comedy routine, which actually wasn’t a complete train wreck. Also in this episode, the various controversies surrounding the Olympics and NBC are discussed, including the infamous “Animal Kingdom” ad that was very poorly timed. Later on, Jack ponders why teachers never go on Columbine-style massacres against their […]

Episode 52

Kate transformed into one of those new compostable bags of Sun Chips / Annex the U.S. with Canada and/or Mexico / How McDonald’s created the “McCheese” / Movies about tornadoes / Social networking vs. relationships / Tax-day / Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever / Conan O’Brien is hosting a new show on TBS / Famous […]