Episode 341: Bring Your Child to Work Day

PUPPY (and Kate.) Kate finally reviews Resident Evil 7, and the PS VR version is terrifying Tricks for getting around pronouncing difficult names Portlandia is coming to an end, for better or for worse Red is still upset about the AMC Theaters app not working The 2017 Grammy’s are upon us Some massive sporting […]

Episode 288

Jack, Kate, Mike and Red – together again! The Purge 3 is filming in Providence The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered, and it’s great Pete “Jellybean Lips” Davidson Kate had a horrific experience at Dunkin Donuts M. Night Shamalamadingdong made a new movie and it’s not awful

The New England Patriots are […]

Episode 143

Back from his sabbatical is co-host Chris Froment, who spent his time mining potatoes for various McDonald’s franchises across the southern United States. Discussed during Episode 143 was sports. Yes, sports. We’re shocked, too. The “Stella Awards” were also brought up, which highlights the ever-growing “pusification of America.”

Episode 85

It’s hard to say what was more shocking; the fact that Elisabeth Edwards jokes were made literally an hour and a half after the news broke that she had died, or that Jack actually led a sports-oriented discussion for more than thirty seconds. Also, “The Walking Dead” is a terrific show, and you should be […]