Episode 118

Despite having show prep and planned things to discuss, Red felt it was better to go on numerous tangents about various television shows and movies that he enjoys. This led Jack to discover that a “Smurfs” movie was recently released, much to Red and Mike’s amazement. Jack later tells the tale of a once-lost film […]

Episode 113

Kate and Jack spoil the new Harry Potter movie early on in this show… we still encourage you to listen, though. Nate Fillers joined us during the second-half of the program to debut music from his Sbassbear project. We also happily discussed Nickelodeon’s new “The 90’s Are All That” block.

Episode 95

This was a fairly low-key show compared to our last couple of podcasts. Red was just buzzing with humor, or lack thereof. The internet trolled us when a report surfaced claiming that Nickelodeon was re-booting various cartoons from the 90’s, thus giving up the hopes of everyone on the show. We played some great audio […]

Episode 66

Acc and Nate Fillers are co-hosting this show / Jack is on the Wikipedia article for the Greatest Freakout Ever / Jessi Slaughter – you dun goof’d / ICP and juggalos / Nickelodeon shows / Wisdom teeth / Nine Inch Nails / Meeting celebrities