Episode 62

Getting trashed / Jack is half left-handed / Fuck numbers / Jack tried Zakk Wylde’s hot sauce and regretted it later / Bush reunion (plus a new song!) / Ozzy Osbourne is a joke / How to solve Fro’s financial issues / The best shows from Nickelodeon’s heyday / Child stars becoming whores / A […]

Episode 44

Bryan has AIDS? Who is Bryan? / The Freaks of Cock / Cartoons and voice actors / Kevin Smith’s airplane debacle / Jack thinks Jennifer Garner is ugly / The new Windows 7 phone / Jack would fuck Roni Deutch / Hilariously bad PSA’s / The Sonic the Hedgehog hotel room / Guy nearly kills […]

Episode 28

Big Red is back on the show / Kate wasn’t here so we didn’t take show notes / Red’s girlfriend totals his car / Balloon Boy / Legends of the Hidden Temple

NOTES: Like I said, we didn’t take any notes during the show, so I have no clue what we talked about. Red joined […]

Episode 18

Our friend Grant is hanging out with us / Follow up to the Australian radio show rape incident / Ryan Seacrest is gay / Nickelodeon shows during the 1990’s / wafflepwn is a phony / The hilarious flaws of the Kansas judicial system / Old teachers from high school / Apple sucks / College graduate […]