Episode 339: This Is (Not) Us

Fro has a divorce update! Jack is wearing a shirt with Chris Pratt on it, and Red is oddly interested in it Boston Calling 2017 lineup is revealed, and it’s all forms of epic La-La-Land won all the Golden Globe awards Meryl Streep vs. Mel Gibson vs. Vince Vaughn vs. Trump supporters vs. Elvis […]

Episode 281

Red went on a food tour MTV reality shows are somehow still relevant Online dating The epic San Diego Comic Con 2015 Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad trailers leaked The Jared Fogel scandal Fast food commercials Jack vs. Rocket League Red and Kate fight over Pokemon Snap Nintendo president/CEO Satoru Iwata dies Canadian […]

Episode 61

EARTHQUAKE WARNING – The best video ever, as of right now / Transformers 2 sucked / Miley Cyrus is busted / Girl deletes her boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters – rage ensues / Woman calls 911 because she needs a husband / Fast food jockeys suck / E3 and new video games / Fro has […]